Was my neighborhood advertised when new?
Have my neighborhood or residents been in the news?

The Charlotte Observer is now word-searchable on-line back to the 1880s! Other newspapers can be found, too. Go to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library Resources page and click on the link “Charlotte Observer (Current and Historical).” Have your library card handy, you’ll need to login.  (see some tips in our video tutorials, below)

Try looking up:

  • Your neighborhood. When did it first appear? Ads? News events?
  • People who lived in your house.
  • Your address.
  • Any other names that come to mind — neighborhood businesses, long-time residents ….

Other newspapers

The Charlotte Observer is your best resource, but there are also other Charlotte papers on-line, mostly pre-1922, including the Charlotte News. Click on the public library’s Historic North Carolina Digital Newspaper Collection, type in your library card number, then click “Browse” in the top bar, and choose “Charlotte.”


Searching the Charlotte Observer on-line