Plat Maps

When was this neighborhood laid out? What streets were included? What was this neighborhood called?

When a subdivision is laid out, the developer must file a Plat Map at the Register of Deeds Office. It shows:

  • Date the neighborhood was laid out
  • Original names of the subdivision, streets
  • Developer’s name
  • And more


Plat map

How to find Plat Maps in Mecklenburg County

Step 1: Go to Polaris 3G. Type in the address you want to research.

Step 2: Scroll down at the left to find the Legal Desc link. Click this link to find the map on the Register of Deeds website.  (FYI – the Legal Description is a code for where the paper Plat Map is located. L17 = Lot 17, B22 = Block 22, M4-661 = Map Book 4, page 661.)

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, click to “acknowledge” the disclaimer. Then on the next page, click on “Imaging System Only” at the top. (For post-1990 Plat Maps this step is slightly different — see Step 6 below.)

Step 4:  The first time you do this, you’ll get a blank page. Don’t worry — go up to the tab at the top, click Polaris 3G.

Step 5: Scroll again down the left side, click on the Legal Desc number. Now it’ll take you right to the Plat Map! (You can download as a PDF or just take a screenshot.)

Step 6: For post-1990 Plat Maps, there’s a simpler disclaimer system. Just click to “acknowledge” the disclaimer and you’ll go right to the Plat Map! (To download it, you can click at the upper left on “this image,” then “get items now.”)