Who owned this property? When did they buy it? Who did they buy it from?
Were there restrictions on the use of this property?

Every time a property is sold, a Deed is filed at Register of Deeds. It shows

  • Date of sale
  • Buyer and seller
  • Reference to the PREVIOUS Deed (if you are lucky, you can use that info to build a “chain of title” reaching back in time — see video below)
  • Most Deeds give a reference to the Plat Map that created the neighborhood
  • Deeds may include Restrictions — original requirements about what could be built on the property  (see video below)
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 2.50.30 PM

How to Find Deeds in Mecklenburg County



Step 1: To find a deed, start by typing the street address into Mecklenburg County’s Polaris 3G website.

Step 2: Scroll down the left side til you find the deed number. Click on that and you get a disclaimer page.

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, “acknowledge” the disclaimer.  Then on the next page, click at the top on “imaging system only.” (For post-1990 deeds this step is slightly different — see Step 6 below.)

Step 4: The first time you do this, you’ll get a blank page. Don’t worry — go up to the tab at the top, click Polaris 3G.

Step 5: Scroll again down the left side, click on the deed number. Now it’ll take you right to the deed! (You can download as a PDF or just take a screenshot.)

Step 6: For post-1990 deeds, there’s a simpler disclaimer system.  Just click to “acknowledge”disclaimer and you’ll go right to the deed! (To download it, you can click at the upper left on “this image,” then “get items now.”)